Found: Digital Camera at Christie Pits

In the spirit of the season and also becauseI am an honest person, I am posting to find out how effective the internet is.

I found a camera on the ground at Christie Pits.  It was a cold day full of walking around in the cold, hungry and then there was this black holster that I thought would be empty.  Now, I have lost a camera before in Berlin.  I am pretty analog regarding, camera-wise, and my camera had a whole roll of my brief stay in Hamburg and Berlin until the time of said camera loss.

If you know anyone who is in town, on an American-Canadian tour, of Asian descent (as seen in the photos in camera’s memory), please let me know.

If you recognize the dog above and name a couple of cities that you visited and recorded digitally, please let me know.


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  1. I am often searching for new posts in the world wide web about this theme. Thanks.

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