My bag as workspace

Running amuck with all of my belongings in a bag has become the norm.  The hardest part of the lifestyle is not carrying heavy books and cameras everywhere but picking and packing what I would need for the day.  Being on the move is facilitated by having a trusty bag.  I am sure that I am not alone.

A good relationship with a bag can be compared to having a good friend.  My friend structure my life or at least, my day.  I have been forced to rethink what I should carry at the beginning of un-caffeinated mornings; my black doctor’s bag does not allow objects that are not flat, or rectangular i.e. fruits.  My bag welcomes documents, bags, cameras (for which I find small nooks in my friend’s interior) and a computer.

My workspace is portable and can be set up wherever there is Wi-Fi and coffee.  Save for my iPhone, my computer is how people get in touch with me.  I have an office on the move.

My ideal office is made of fine grain dark brown leather with a healthy amount of space.  It does not have to be at the corner o have a million dollar view.  It has to withstand a good beating during rush hour and unpredictable weather.  I emphasize the importance of good maintenance, though.

There is nothing better than having a space of one’s own.  Come to think of it, I might need to upgrade.  The room is becoming smaller by the second as the clutter would indicate.  I need to write a note down in my agenda.  Now, please excuse me.  Miuccia Prada is on line 2.



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3 responses to “My bag as workspace

  1. I like those Prada bags . . . I’ve moved away from Prada . . . maybe I should rediscover the brand again.

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