Of elevators

Elevator rides can be the most invasive part of the day.  And on a busy day, it might be the most action that some of us will get. I guess it is good that my vertical ride to the Anselm Kiefer-influenced minimalist cubicle (can the two aesthetics coexist?) only lasts 30 seconds.

The convention of having strangers stand really close to you without proper introduction only exists in such a tight space. Elsewhere, dinner might be in order.

Imagine a ten-person elevator.  During rush hours, people get access to the most personal decisions that a person can make like their scent of choice and other aspects of grooming. Details like monograms and an oxford shirt’s fit around the neck are also more noticeable. I think there might be a Savile Row lobby that encourages the creation of such small spaces.

An elevator ride should be pleasant. If it were up to me, there would be a tall table where occupants in transit can pose their cups of joe, or their newspapers.  Such a set up would encourage more interaction and conversation. Think of a café de philosophes on the go. Fostering a friendship on the elevator, no matter how shallow, can make a difference on an individual’s day.

The elevator is a prime example of function and space. It is unarguable that elevators are integral parts to tall structures. However, the minimal space can definitely be made more pleasant.  Interior designers should rethink the elevator. I see mine with a Keith Haring mural.



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4 responses to “Of elevators

  1. cutest post 😀
    love your blog
    stop by some time !! xx

  2. I like the way you think. Elevators are pretty boring. We only have 2 on the island- wait, there’s also one in the medical clinic. Most people here won’t even ride in them.

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