Don’t dance on a volcano

The event of the last week in Iceland has affected millions of travellers’ flights into and out of Europe.

Volcanoes have helped give birth to islands and ideas. The materials that one spews enable rebirth and regrowth.  All of the Earth’s rich nutrients conducive to growth like minerals and nitrogen.

The Easter island statues called the moai are actually made of volcanic ash. The Easter Island ‘heads’ are actually attached to miniscule bodies that were buried in the ground, with the largest statue weighing 86 tonnes. Imagine the the people who carried all of those statues across the island to arrange them very carefully in rows!

Volcanoes have inspired many different ideas and images. The act of bursting out in anger warrants one to be called a volcano. Good ideas that come out of one’s mind can also be thought of as volcanic.

Having seen the destruction of Mt. Pinatubo in the early 1990s, it seems that volcanoes are the Earth’s most explicit demonstration of anger. No other time in history has there been such a massive disruption in transportation. However, let’s think of the carbon emissions that were reduced because of the significant decrease of airplanes flying. In the meanwhile, I will enjoy an excellent idea that was inspired by volcanoes: the chocolate lava cake.


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