On Thanksgiving, ‘moderation’ is but a word

There is no better way to celebrate a holiday, and I mean any holiday, than with chocolate. Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter…the list goes on. We can never have too much chocolate in all shapes and forms. No one says no to chocolate in the form of an egg, Santa, rabbit, hearts…

One holiday that has stayed away from the year-long chocolate peddling marathon is Thanksgiving. I have never seen a turkey-shaped chocolate, at least in my part of the world (clue: north of the 49th parallel and south of the Arctic Circle, between the Atlantic and the Pacific). What is so special about Thanksgiving that marketers have not placed it on the calendar of important dates for chocolate consumption? It’s called moderation, or something like it.

For my American friends who will be spending a good part of the weekend a-slicing and a-dicing in their kitchens, in anticipation of a giant piece of poultry, later doused in its fat drippings and sugared cranberry. The Thanksgiving meal is THE motherload of all meals. It’s sensible to stay away from sweets knowing that the average Thanksgiving meal is about 2000 calories. Moderation or precation, it still does not answer my question: why is there no emphasis on chocolate turkeys? Maybe chocolate festive elves in red suits are easier to stomach than chocolate feathered gobblers. Turducken anyone?



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2 responses to “On Thanksgiving, ‘moderation’ is but a word

  1. T.

    Don’t encourage them! Godiva is listening, making turkey shaped moulds as I write this 😉

  2. I just don’t like chocolate. Call me insane! But it usually too sweet.

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