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Urban Peanut: A Gallery Holiday Design Gift Guide to Me

December has slapped us in the face with no apology. Being cooped up in a suburban box for most of my waking hours should not be an excuse for the lack of action on ‘the Gallery.’ (I am quietly willing this nickname to get catchier every time I use it.)

With the season of gift-giving in our midst, a list is in order and better yet, a list of gifts that I would like to receive. They are the only gifts worth giving unless you prove me otherwise.

This SIWA Backpack by Naoto Fukasawa is made in Japan. The material is wash-suki paper which is quite deceiving because it is resilient, waterproof and become softer with the wear and tear of commuting. Ideal for the urban nomad in everyone. $250 at Mjölk.


The iPad has been a game-changer since it was introduced to the market in 2010. Carrying one everywhere has been a constant for the person who is always on the go. Once you’re home, wouldn’t you like to have your sidekick come home to a nice cradle? I have been crushing on this iVictrola for iPad designed by Matt Richmond. It’s like the composite creature in Mary Shelley’s novel without the monster stigma. There is an old repurposed Magnavox horn from the 1920s to be used as the speaker with a handcarved walnut base. If you’re lucky enough to run into one, I know who has two thumbs and would like to find one under his tree. This guy. $985 from Design Within Reach.


Since it’s the holidays, we think about our friends and loved ones and how we can spend more quality time with them. It is all about being efficient with time and being always prepared for last-minute parties or dinners (maybe some that might have slipped one’s mind until about an hour before the appetizers). The Mini Cooper Coupé 2012 is a present that will keep on giving. Impromptu visits to the parents, aunts and uncles are on my list of resolutions. Please help make this possible. Starting at $25,950 at MINI.ca.



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My bag as workspace

Running amuck with all of my belongings in a bag has become the norm.  The hardest part of the lifestyle is not carrying heavy books and cameras everywhere but picking and packing what I would need for the day.  Being on the move is facilitated by having a trusty bag.  I am sure that I am not alone.

A good relationship with a bag can be compared to having a good friend.  My friend structure my life or at least, my day.  I have been forced to rethink what I should carry at the beginning of un-caffeinated mornings; my black doctor’s bag does not allow objects that are not flat, or rectangular i.e. fruits.  My bag welcomes documents, bags, cameras (for which I find small nooks in my friend’s interior) and a computer.

My workspace is portable and can be set up wherever there is Wi-Fi and coffee.  Save for my iPhone, my computer is how people get in touch with me.  I have an office on the move.

My ideal office is made of fine grain dark brown leather with a healthy amount of space.  It does not have to be at the corner o have a million dollar view.  It has to withstand a good beating during rush hour and unpredictable weather.  I emphasize the importance of good maintenance, though.

There is nothing better than having a space of one’s own.  Come to think of it, I might need to upgrade.  The room is becoming smaller by the second as the clutter would indicate.  I need to write a note down in my agenda.  Now, please excuse me.  Miuccia Prada is on line 2.


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