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If these walls could talk

In time for the G20 summit in Toronto, Canada, I thought that I would explore walls and fence manufacturing. I found no names in connection with the fence that now surrounds the central part of the city, where world leaders and their contingencies will congregate, starting today. Think of all the publicity that the manufacturers would garner, being the official fence material supplier for an important event.

It is all about the material in construction and building. Great raw materials result in great finished products. Are the fences usable for housing applications? Then, I thought of how much fencing would be put into place for the summit. And then I thought of what would happen afterwards, when the fences are no longer needed.

The Berlin Wall continues to be a symbol of segregation and isolation. Its destruction in 1989 opened a new era of freedom and mobility for those living on both sides of the wall dividing East and West Berlin. Photos and alleged pieces of the wall plague souvenir shops in the German capital but, hey, I do not think that such a scheme would work out for the Toronto’s weekend eyesore.

May I suggest keychains and can openers, iPhone cases and bookmarks, along with souvenir rings to the entrepreneurs?

I am not so sure about the plans for the morning-after the G20 but sustainability has to be considered. Are the fences recycled? I have not found the answer to the question. Isn’t environmental policy one of the items on the agenda? Carbon-offsetting is also a viable option.


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Think gold. Please and thank you.

With all due respect, gentlemen, there is no traffic in Toronto and you have to deliver. Please and thank you. People have dropped whatever they need to do for this week.  The children are wearing the colours of our flag.  To Mr. Crosby and team, we will be watching and cheering for the maple leaf from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Great Lakes to the Arctic.  Go, Canada, go! Please and thank you.

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