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Of guppies and yuppies; or Cities, Vertically Speaking


Life in cosmopolitan presents complications that can easily be resolved or not. Aging infrastructure and limited finances leave citizens distraught. Urban sprawl has motivated architects and designers to find ways to alleviate the stresses that affect city-dwellers. The best example is condominium development.

The vertical growth of a city centre can be used as a measure of economic growth and development. However, when a boom in development ensues, it has been observed that a recession takes place upon these projects’ completion. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa comes to mind from recent history.

On a much smaller scale, stacked settlements like condominiums have inspired industrial designers like Teddy Luong. His FishHotel for Umbra is an ingenius piece of design that applies the concept of space conservation. Traditional fish tanks and bowls have been points of interest in a space. (Feng shui states that a fish tank is a means to attract wealth and abundance.)

With its design, stacked FishHotels are a refreshing way to play with a space. I can see a wall of different coloured Siamese fighting fish. I think they’re going to be big this year.


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(Digital) Power to the People

Memory has become a more multi-faceted concept.  Ten years ago, the word meant vivid captions of moments outside of the physical.  Today, it means storage.

Information has become our most prized possession because everyone owns, at the very least, some.  It is a matter of what value someone else attaches to yours.  We can generate information with a click or a snap and the internet has become a digital rendering of people’s minds either at work or at procrastination mode.  You choose.

The Power USB key above was conceived by IMM Living, a firm of young OCAD graduates.  They have a whole lineup of design pieces without the exorbitant prices that everyone has come to know.  Their Totem cups are beautiful and well-made.  My birthday is coming up, hint hint.  In October.

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