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Unromantically singing in the rain

Simon Warne with his Brollii

Smart design takes into account has an object’s ultimate purpose in mind. The rain that has taken residence over Toronto today has me thinking of how many umbrellas I have bought and how many have faced either of the two fates umbrellas usually have: breakage or loss. There are too many to recall.

The umbrella is such a great design concept in itself. I can imagine our cave-dwelling ancestors using a giant leaf for the same purpose, raising suspicions of witchcraft from the elders. Anyways…

Simon Warne, a Brunel University industrial design student in West London had an idea for an umbrella design that is ‘unbreakable’ and safe to open when other people are around.

The Brollii is an upside down umbrella that opens from the top. Imagine an umbrella that will not hit your neighbour’s face or worse, their eyes. Apart from the obvious advantage of not inflicting injury on others, the Brollii might also find a niche market in over-cautious people who fear legal suits in overly litigious communities.

So here I am, taking refuge in a café because riding a bike home in the rain is less attractive than writing about design and having a green tea. Maybe one day, someone will design an umbrella holder for bicycles, preferrably an unbreakable one. Capes do have a limit.



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Insanity on a rainy spring day= Rubiks Cube + me

I remember seeing videos of people who can solve Rubiks cubes as if they were Sudoku puzzles from a Tuesday morning’s edition of the Metro newspaper. Simply, they coled

Here is a Rubiks cube conceived and realized by Konstantin Datz for the visually limited. On each square is a Braille indication for the colours blue, red, white, green, yellow and pink. The perception of colour beyond the visual is put into play.


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