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Incoming: Autumn!

The weather has been strange and unpredictable.  As it gets colder and we move our lives indoors, we say goodbye to outdoor patio dining on a Friday night like this.   We want a cosy place where a healthy balance of work, play and just living can take place.

There is one piece that I would love, love, love to have by Martin Holzapfel.


I can see myself concentrating a lot better with such a minimalistic, clean and streamlined bureau.  As a person who is working on the lengthening of his attention span, distraction is not a good cooperator on a project due at 8 in the morning.  I would be more enticed to keep such a piece tidy, keeping away little distractions in the shape of analog cameras, literature, magazines and the like.  I can only imagine how embarrassing a coffee stain would be on any of its matte white surface.

My band-aid for such a hankering: rearranging my room.


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