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My Tuesday Morning Inspriation (#myTMI) : Surrealist photography by Oleg Oprisco

My Tuesday Morning Inspriation (#myTMI) : Surrealist photography by Oleg Oprisco

Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco’s dream-like photography invites you to his dreams and will make you think of your own. Using old Soviet cameras like the Kiev 88, the warm, soft-focused images are both haunting and beautiful, both qualities often imitated by digital photography in a clinical way. (photo above by Oleg Oprisco)



April 29, 2014 · 09:11

Baby got optical illusions

Have you ever walked out of the theatre with the feeling that your mind has just been kicked around like a soccer ball? Well, until you grab take the giant escalator down at the Scotiabank Theatre. This current blog post is overdue but here it is, unapologetically late, and devoid of hype. God forbid that I blog about a non-trend on Twitter, right?

I must confess that watching a movie in the theatre requires a lot of coordination of schedules and logistics of public transport. However, the hassle was worth the entertainment value of Inception. The passage of time within each dream layer was confusing in a metaphysical way. At one point, I had to take a breather and make a list of the various dream situations that were taking place in different people’s psyches. A good return on invesment.

The optical illusions that were in the movie, like the infinite stairs, reminded me of Escher‘s surrealist drawings. What I found interesting about the experience is that as viewers, our lives outside of the context of the big room with 500 seats and a projection screen were on hold, which is a lot like dreaming. For the two hours and a half that I spent in the theatre, my own life’s worries were suspended.

Escher needs to be experienced first. No promises on my behalf to explain afterwards. (SPOILER ALERT: how come the kids are wearing the same clothes as in the dreams? Just saying.)

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